SPAIN Adolfo Timuat Toyada

SPAIN-Adolfo Timuat Toyada

Adolfo was born in okinawa, japan of filipino father and okinawan mother. They moved to manila when he was 6 years old.

When he was young, he loved painting and woodworking which lead him to collect sketches of luna and hidalgo in spain and put up his own guitarshops both in madrid and cebu. He also loves gardening.

Adolfo is practically a self taught guitar player. He started doing rounds of folk houses in manila at the age of 15. Taught himself to read music, etc. At around this age he built his first "mongoloid" guitar using scrap wood. his research and investigations has led him to museums, private collectors, builders all over the world and studied guitars built by the old masters from antonio torres , the father of classical guitars to today's impeccable builder manuel caceres of of date adolfo has hand built more than 500 guitars.

He left the phil. At the age of 29. He went to new york and performed at carnegie hall, twice at the lincoln center, the united nations headquarters, etc.

He also gave lessons at the american institute of guitar.

He moved to spain and has been living there since 1987.

He was lucky to have studied with some of the greatest flamenco guitarist and guitar builders in spain. Sabicas and archangel fernandez and with other gran maestros.

He also took masterclasses at" la conservatorio superior de musica de madrid".

Adolfo teaches at runnymede college in madrid and build guitars in his shop.

He travel and tours europe, the united states, south america, middle east and asia giving performances,lecture, teaching guitar playing and construction.

He is also an expert on tonewoods and export and imports wood from all over the world under his company name " dancing wood "

His guitar building school is" the international musicraft of asia" also in malaysia.

When he gets lazy he watches his gold fish in his backyard pond.

Adolfo is recognized in spain as "concert guitarist, spanish guitar builder,composer, researcher,scholar,and professor."

As a guitarist , he has performed all over the world and in the most prestigious halls including carnegie hall and twice at the lincoln center both in new york city.

He has been living in spain since 1986.

Adolfo has studied under the world's greatest flamenco guitarist sabicas and the legendary gypsy juan maya marote,( just to mention a few of his mentors.)

He studied guitar building from the legendary arcangel fernandez and the impeccable manuel caceres of madrid, spain who are now his closest friends up to now.

Adolfo has taught guitar building in spain, germany, malaysia and many universities in the philippines.

He also took masterclasses at the real conservatorio superior de musica de madrid.

Adolfo is the only filipino recognised and holder of the carnet de artisano from castilla la mancha as builder of srtring- instrument in spain.

Besides touring , he teaches at runnymede college both on playing and building guitars.