TAIWAN Wu-Yuan Taiwanese Opera

TAIWAN-Wu-Yuan Taiwanese Opera

Wu-Yuan Taiwanese Opera is a group that gives dynamic and creative performances, founded by head Jian Yu Lin and CEO Lin Wen Shou. We have a strong production group for their program, and outstanding actors of the middle and young generation., have been selected as an outstanding team in Yilan County for 13 years, and have been invited to perform overseas many times. Our works are often seen on the basis of aesthetics, which is cross-border and full of creativity. Also, the high quality of their artistic sense is widely praised by audiences all around the world. In 2020, they also created the first van of Taiwanese Opera "Pear Ape", which has been achieved so far. The 74th tour, and in 2021, the cross-troupe production "Egret" will be a resident program of the National Center for the Arts, with a total of 1080 performances. As of 2021, the cumulative number of performances by the troupe has exceeded 2,100. In addition, our have spared no effort in the inheritance of traditional arts, and have cultivated professional opera talents in many communities and associations. The soul of the troupe, Jian Yu Lin, is a talented youngster in the opera, and she has a career in acting and directing.