TAIWAN Formosa Cultural Style Dancers

TAIWAN-Formosa Cultural Style Dancers

To build a beautiful, confident and dazzling life, the Formosa Cultural Style Dancers was established in Yilan with this belief in 2021. Founder Ms. Lu Wen San, has studied dance in this cultural heritage and rigorous training field since her early age, and is deeply influenced by "the only limit of your stage is your imaginations." Based on this belief, Ms Lu encourages her pilpuls always go to the next level, dance with confidence, and dance towards a dazzling life.

Apart from technique and enthusiasm, dance requires keen creativity and free spiritual space. Ms Lu believes training on spiritual growth and artistic sensibility are essential in order to convey a profound artistic conception through a dancer’s body gestures. Formosa Cultural Style Dancers, exploring life to comprehend culture, from tradition to modern, crossing the shackles of time and space, through dance to let the world see the beautiful treasure island of Taiwan and its generation.