TAIWAN Singyue Play Music Philharmonic

TAIWAN-Singyue Play Music Philharmonic

"Singyue Play Music Philharmonic" was founded in September 2016 by concert master Lun-Wei Lin and group of music lover that includes children and adult, providing diversifying ways for learning music. Building up experience of performing, keep understanding, feeling about culture of difference music styles, those had been the mainly purposes for philharmonic, that is the opposite stage of performance which is perfect for members to show themselves, not just boring, routine practice.

Until now, they dedicate to promote music to everywhere, joining lots of difference performance. Throughout putting music into every corner in our communities, they want to warm our souls by beautiful melodies.

2018 Luo-Dong Fringe Festival (July 2018)
Flash Mob Luna Plaza (January 2018)
Wu Yin Yin "Pure. Music" Joint Concert (October 2017)
2018 Luo-Dong Fringe Festival (July 2017)
Jennifer Panebianco Del Monaco (April, 2017)