TAIWAN The Lan Yang Dancers

TAIWAN-The Lan Yang Dancers

The butterfly is one of nature’s great “dancers,” and has since time immemorial been a symbol of beauty and freedom. When the dancers of the Lan Yang Dancers are performing on stage, their elegant movements resem-ble a group of colorful butterflies flitting unconstrained through the air. The fact that the Lan Yang Dancers are today able to “take wing” not only in Taiwan but all around the world is largely attributable to the per¬sistence and dedication of one man: Father Gian Carlo Michelini, a Catholic priest from Italy, the land that gave birth to the Renaissance.

Founded in 1966 by Fr. Gian Carlo Michelini, with his commitment to the arts and his passion for traditional Chinese arts and culture, the Lan Yang Dancers is the first children’s dance troupe, established in Yilan County without the affiliation with a particular elementary or high school. The exquisite dancing and sweet smiles of the Lan Yang Dancers’s members win the hearts of audiences throughout Taiwan since its establishment.

With the outstanding dance skills of the dancers, the Lan Yang Dancers has won international exposure for the beauty of Taiwanese dance. As one of the dance troupes that the Taiwanese government regards as one of the best to represent Taiwan, the Lan Yang Dancers has been invited to perform throughout the world, on numerous occasions, taking part ininternational arts festivals and celebrations in Europe, Asia, the U.S., and Africa.

Moreover, it is the first performing arts troupe, which made performance in front of the Pope. The Lan Yang Dancers was received by Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul II, and Pope Benedict XVI and made performance in front of these Popes.

The Lan Yang Dancers will be work-ing towards the establishment of a professional dance troupe, so that it can continue to make a meaningful contribution towards the furthering and diversification of the art of dance, and dance education, in Taiwan.