TAIWAN Yilan Philharmonic Orchestra Biography / String Quartet

TAIWAN-Yilan Philharmonic Orchestra Biography - String Quartet

Yilan Philharmonic Orchestra (abbreviated as YPO herein), a rising star in the music industry, keeps embracing dreams and realizes them with daring actions. It incorporates a diversity of elements that range from Jiangnan Sizhu, traditional Chinese string and wind musical instruments, to Western ones to interpret innovative folk pieces tinged with authentic local culture. In addition to touring performances in concert halls of cities and towns island-wide, YPO also dabbles in cultivating student talents from university music clubs. Such endeavor helps to shape major musical performing centers in Taiwan and elevate YPO to the international stage to promote the unfathomable beauty of music and art in Yilan a city within the reach once crossing Hsuehshan Tunnel from Taipei, the capital of Taiwan!