TAIWAN Formosa Melody Music Center

TAIWAN-Formosa Melody Music Center

FMMC was established in Yilan, Taiwan, in 1994. It has been invited to perform many times in the National Performance Hall, and has given countless performances and charity concerts for more than 20 years.

From 2001 to 2004 the group organized four international music performances, and wishes to make Yilan a site known for its traditional music. In 2007, it performed in the Asian Pacific Cantata and attracted the participation of several hundred musicians from nearly 30 countries. In 2008, it was invited to attend Czech International Art Festival activities to perform with many international art groups. In 2013, it also made cruise performances in Austria by invitation, during the time, it was invited to perform and hold Taiwan Music Camp in Madera City, USA.

In addition, holding different international activities, FMMC did its efforts on music education. It actively expands its overseas performance these years, such as arranging music groups to perform I cruise in Europe, recommending students who studies music to attend in Master Class… etc. It means to lead more excellent musicians to have chances to step on international stage of music. This is the prospect and purpose for FMMC to continue working on in the future.