TAIWAN Youngsun Choir

TAIWAN-Youngsun Choir

Youngsun Choir, affiliated to Youngsun Culture and Education Foundation, has been established since 1997. The Choir appeals to chorus lovers to sharpen choric techniques, motivates self-growth and creates bonds between members.

Youngsun Choir is especially acclaimed for its presentation of exquisite affections. Led by Chen, Jui-Chuan, Liu, Ching-Yu, Lien, Fang-Pei, Lai, I-Heng, Tang, Tian-Ming, and now Cheng, I-Shen , the chorus is highly recognized by the harmonic and touching singing in each performance . In addition to winning numerous choral competitions, Youngsun Choir has also dedicated itself to many charitable performances annually to help those in need. The choir has put on many performances in Taiwan, and was invited to perform in Vietnam, and Japan.

Under the patronage of Youngsun Culture & Education Foundation, Youngsun Choir participated in the Traditional opera revitalization Program in Yi-lan in 2018. Four local landscapes were chosen out of eight from beautiful scenery in Yi-lan as the inspiration for the composer Liu, Xin-cheng. And “Four Landscapes in Lanyang” made its first premiere in the Yongsang performance in 2022. In 2020, Youngsun Choir, commissioned by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Yilan County, invited the composer, Huang, Chun-Ta to create the choir “Spring Sailboats in Stone Harbor”, recomposing an ancient Chinese poem in the Qing Dynasty into a new performing piece. The work was premiered in 2022. Both cases highlight the Youngsun Choir’s love for the artistic beauty of choir and for the local community.