Iran Eishan

Eishan is founded with the idea of finding common ground between musicians with different musical background. Eishan include Sydney based musicians who have valuable worldwide experience of participating in well known projects.

Hamed Sadeghi on Tar and Oud comes from Persian traditional musical background, Pedram Layegh studied classical Guitar and Michael Avgenicos with Jazz academic background, have toured the world in collaborations with different groups.

They play compositions of Hamed Sadeghi and some pieces based on improvisation which is a key factor in world music. They have had successful concerts and they are about to release their first album.

莫胡爾‧薩德爾‧哈什米 Mahoor Sadr Hashemi
佩德拉姆‧萊德 Pedram Layegh
哈米爾‧薩德吉 Hamed Sadeghi
麥可‧阿吉尼庫斯 Michael Avgenicos