Spain Grupo Flamenco de Señor Guillermo Gomez

Grupo Flamenco de Señor Guillermo Gomez is the oldest Spanish dance group based in Manila but its present members are very young people. It was founded in 1964 by Señor Guillermo Gómez Rivera as “Grupo de Baile Solidaridad Filipino-Hispana, Inc.” and has enjoyed the applause and support of Spanish Flamenco enthusiasts in the Islands. It’s actual head teacher is Jessie Santos with the Gómez sisters, Ana and Ysabela as principal dancers.

The group offers Flamenco classes and classic Spanish dances with castanets at the prestigious Rockwell Club of Metro Manila whose studio is at the compound of the elegant Rockwell Power Plant enclave at Makati City.

Its guitarist is the famous Adolfo Toyoda Timuat, a Spanish Artist who is recognized in Spain. As a guitarist, he has been invited to perform all over the world including very famous halls in Europe, United Nations Headquarters and in most prestigious hall Lincoln Center in New York City.