Japan Sangen Odashimaryu

Sangen Odashimaryu is the Tsugaru Shamisen group which was composed of Odashima Tokuou in 1996. It has been invited to play the main accompaniment in Kubota Balland Tour, the most historic TV program, for 16 consecutive years.

Odashima Tokuou is usually invited to perform in some important activities or festivals in Japan, including the 2013 Autumn Special Performance “Heart (Kokoro)” which was starred by Nogeki performer Nakamura Kankuro and Nakamura Sichinosuke, and the Group of Eight which was held in Toyako (Lake Toya), Hokkaido. Furthermore, he even successfully expanded overseas concerts.

Sangen Odashimaryu has won the first prize in National Competition of Tsugaru Shamisen. It proves that Sangen Odashimaryu is not merely the accompaniment for entertainment, and it even can play as the main role in a performance.