China Eika

The five members of Eika include “Pipa Master”: Xiaodong Wang, from Japan, “Erhu” player: Ang Zhou, “Guzheng” player: Xuemei Xie, and two other Japanese musicians. This time they invite “Yangqin” player: Chiyu Lung form Yilan for accompaniment. Professor Wang has long been dedicated to developing the variations on playing Pipa. He is often invited overseas to give performances. He has even been elected as the most outstanding artist in Asia.

Since 2000, Eika has often held joint-concerts, either in China or in Japan. The players successfully blend Chinese musical instruments with the Japanese ones, presenting a harmonious melody totally different from the usual Easter style, and showing Sion-China musical traits by playing their traditional musical instruments.

People, worldwide with different cultures. are looking forward to this unique combination of music-playing.

王曉東 Wang Xiao Dong
田邊史織 Tanabe Shiori
周昂 Zhou Ang
謝雪梅 Xie Xue Mei
岡吉潤子 Okayoshi Junko