Japan Wataiko Karin


Wataiko Karin was established in 2012. In Japan Taiko groups, male members are more than female members. However, Wataiko Karin is set up with three female members namely Miss Kosuge Taeko, Miss Ohno Sayaka and Miss Shudo Naoko.

The meaning of their group name Wataiko is created by two Chinese word “Ka-Lin”. The word “Ka” means splendor and “Lin” means to stand within the wind. During their performance, they will combine these two meaning with it.

Wataiko Karin is very active in Japan. They had performed in lots of places such as Tokyo, Okinawa and Ginza. Furthermore, they had been invited to some music festivals too. The leader of Wataiko, Miss Kosuge Taeko also has added some music instrument; Bamboo Flute while during the performance. Of course they had participated in lots of charity too such as East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Art Festival, Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympics.