Taiwan Skikun Culture and Creative Dance Group

        Skikun, a mountain village in Yilan County Taiwan, is home to the aboriginal people called Atayal who are an indigenous group of Taiwanese.

        The Atayal children basing in Skikun are inspired by the long tradition of Atayal dance. Over the years, they have won several championships from national dance contests, have been invited to perform on many important occasions, such as performing in front of the presidential hall on Double-tenth Day, and being invited as regular residence artists during Yilan International Children’s Folklore & Folkgame Festival, and etc. Their aim is not only to preserve the traditional Atayal art and dance culture but also to enrich it by combing creative components, to broaden the horizon of Skikun tribal art, and furthermore, share with the world the beauty and power of Atayal creations.