Japan Ento



     Ento is composed of three famous traditional Japanese musicians. Nobuto Yamanaka, Toen Hibiki, Takemi Kakizaki. The name Ento comes from parts of their names: ToEN, NobuTO are together as Ento.

     Except being a musician of Tsugaru shamisen player, NobuTO is also a professor at Senzoku Music University. His private courses are very popular in Japan with a 3 year waiting list. ToEN is not only a talented stage drama performer but also a drum playing artist. ToEN’s strength is the improvisation at the drum performance. His drum performance tries to find the possibility and manifestation of wadaiko with no musical scale instrument. TAKEMI is good at her "hand buyo" (hand dance). Singing folk song is also one of her main performance activities. She had won countless first place on Folk Song Competition.

     These three Japanese Masters hope to bring the best Japanese traditional music to Taiwan, and also wish people from Yilan can enjoy Tsugaru shamisen, wadaiko and Japanese folk song that Ento brings. Enjoy Wahu’s (Japanese style) tradition and Wahu music through Ento!