Japan Yoshioka Tomimoto Wagaki



      Yoshioka Tomimoto Wagaki is a family member group. Father Ryuken is a shakuhachi(bamboo flute)player, Mother Seiei is a koto(Japanese harp koto)player, Son Tatsunosuke is also good at shakuhachiand is Tatsunosuke’s wife, Keiko plays the koto as well. 

      Their second generation members: Tatsunosuke and Keiko are with greatest effort to continuous self-improvement, and to further develop as well the syakuhachi and koto. In April of 2018 Yoshioka Tomimoto Wagaki held their "the 39th session recital" in the most famous stage at Kioi Music Hall in Yotsuya, Tokyo, nearly 200 traditional musicians come to celebrate with Yoshioka family and give their appreciations of promoting such wonderful new movement for the classic traditional instruments.

      The third generation member of Yoshioka Tomimoto Wagaki comes to the scene for family refueling, Welcome to Kanade Yoshioka! Hope in the near future the first concert of Kanade will take place at the Yilan Performing Arts Center in Taiwan.