Korea Pyenog Taek Nong Ak


      Pyeongtaek Nong-Ak is a dance group that has the simplicity of relaxation as the music of farmers with splendor and sophistication. The rhythm used in Pyeongtaek Nong-Ak has light and clear sound with power and speed. Pyeongtaek Nong-Ak appeared on the nation folk music contest in 1980 and was designated as the important intangible cultural property in 1985. Pyeongtaek Nong-Ak was recognized as the direct successor of the rhythm and traditional Wootdali Nong-Ak.

     The Pangut (performances of various skills in Nong-Ak) of Pyeongtaek Nong-Ak has the livehood with splendor for Jimpuli in fast and powerful rhythm. The biggest features are the active Sangmonori (play with hat ribbon) of the large drum players, and in particular, the diverse Mudongnori (village) is the pinnacle of the Pangut of Pyeongtaek Nong-Ak.