Davide Swarup is considered one of the pioneer of the Hang Drum. He “found” the Hang in Amsterdam in 2005, and began as street musician. In the year 2007, he released his first solo album, Music for Hang. He is also guiding music meditation concert around Europe in different healing festival too.

     Konstantin Kayatma, a sound producer from St. Petersburg, Russia. Working with various professional musicians, combining the sound of acoustic instruments with modern electronics. At his concerts often improvising, creating on the fly and rhythmic foundation, and the arrangement, acting at the same time and as a musician, and as a sound engineer.

     Together Swarup and Kayatma create an unique and interesting full live approach. They can bring the audience from a deep state of listening to a joyful dance chill out moment, depending on situation. Definitely something unique, considering the skills of both artists, coming from a complete different backgrounds.