Japan Huangshan Erhu Orchestra


     Huangshan Erhu Orchestra is lea by China erhu musician, Jianmin Gan (Gan)More than 20 membersare Japanese. Since most Japanese students’ playing skills are raising gradually and Gan hopes these students can meet the requirements of China's domestic level in the near future.

     In 2015, hegathered and set up as a mainly erhu-oriented performance group, known Huangshan Erhu Orchestra in Tokyo,Japan. At the same year, theOrchestra held the first concert in Japan and earned many reputations, thus it made people want to take erhu lessons more. Such wonderful teaching results showed in summer of 2017. Gan led 30 students to participate in the musical instrument competition at Guangzhou in China. theOrchestra had its first highest honor of The 6th International Chinese Musical Instrument Competition. Without further do’s, let’s enjoy the Huangshan Erhu Orchestra.