Taiwan Hakka Voice Pei-Shu Huang



      In 2010, Huang got the New Taipei City Award for Contribution to Hakka Culture Promotion. In 2011, Huang went to Europe to study as the recipient of the 2011 Dream-into-reality Project of the Hakka Affairs Council.In 2011-2015,Huang is a TV presenter of music program and award for TV Admiralty.In 2015, Huang got Finalist of Golden Melody album Award and singer’s Award.In 2016 Huang got the second session Global Hakka Streaming Program.Huang has been invited to different countries to perform Taiwan Hakka folk songs. Pei-Shu Huang is currently served as the legacy master of Hakka folk songs of the Hakka Affairs Commission, the assistant conductor and piano accompanist of the Taiwanese Hakka Chorus, the creative singer and the performer of the theater.