Taiwan Luo Dong Senior High School, Music Class


        This special Music Class of Luo Dong Senior High School was established in 2000. They have already held a number of concerts on String Orchestra, Chinese Folk Musical Instruments and a mixed-voice choir on campus, in communities and at Yilan Performance Hall. They all have a good reputation and are popular with the public.

        Periodically, this class holds recitals and concerts, such as for graduations. Some distinguished musicians and professionals are often invited to make speeches to the students to promote and widen their musical knowledge and performing skills. Furthermore, in 2008, the class, financially sponsored by the Central Government, paid a visit to Te Island in Japan. Also in 2014, they were invited to Singapore and to the International Musical Festival in Japan to do a musical experience exchange.

        Not only are the students dedicated to learning music, they are also very much concerned about the development of other cultures. Their desire for making progress is still very enormous. We hope they can continuously make efforts to help promote and cultivate our youngsters’ musical growth.