AMERICA Marcheta Williams and Driven Operation


Marcheta Williams & Driven Operation is organized by a well-known University of California, Berkeley, graduate, Dr. Marcheta Williams. She is the Director of Visual and Performing Arts for the Madera Unified School District (MUSD) in Madera, California. She is also a symbol of excellence in performance and music education. She is a jazz and Rhythm and Blues vocalist and a prolific songwriter. Her group consists of talented music teachers from the Madera Unified School District. Many of them hold Master of Arts degrees in Music. Their instruments include violin, percussion, saxophone, flute, clarinet and bass.

Their performance will be mainly jazz music during this festival. Besides performing, they have another, bigger dream: hoping to promote their student's music education in the City of Madera; and increasing their student's interest and skills in music by visiting Yilan City's schools' music classes. They also hope the ripple effect of attending this festival will give them new ideas to use in music education for the Madera Unified School District.