TAIWAN Yilan Youth Chinese Orchestra


Established in Yilan in 2006, the orchestra of 120 members consisted of talented young musicians in Yilan. When the orchestra was established, its goal is for the kids to experience the joy in playing music. After few years, when the members leave the orchestra, have their own career and become excellent musicians, they return to their hometown to help and teach music to the next generation of young musicians. This is the essence why the orchestra was established in the first place, to continue the legacy of music, helping young generations to grow and become good musicians who will also help the next generation of musicians; the cycle that never stop.

The orchestra is not limited to playing only traditional music. They collaborated with other artists in Taiwan and performed combined folk music, rock, dance music, opera, beiguan, and played with the Huangmei Opera Orchestra. They collaborated with visual artists as well. They took a step forward to explore and discover new possibilities and innovations for the orchestra.

The orchestra participates in activities and festivals such as Yilan Chinese New Year, Yilan International Children's Folklore and Folkgame Festival, Luodong Fringe Festival, Hot Spring Festival, Yilan International Art Festival and etc. The group was also been invited to perform in countries like Austria, Japan, Germany, China, Philippines, Singapore and other countries by various international organizations and collaborated with foreign artists. Since its establishment, the orchestra has done more than 250 performances, with more than 170 thousand audiences witnessing to their success.