TAIWAN Hanyang Beiguan Troupe


Hanyang Beiguan Troupe is the most (awarded) representative Yilan excellent traditional troupe, founded in 1988, Luo Dong. Honorary head Zhuang Jincai, a multi-talented musician, has received various awards which include the "Folk Art Heritage Award" from Ministry of Education, "National Art Heritage Award," 8th World "Chinese Cultural Heritage Art Award", "Yilan County Fourth Cultural Award" this year and the 19th "National Award for Arts" and other major awards.

The Troupe has repeatedly been invited to participate in various art and theatrical festivals in Taiwan. In 1989 they performed in the National Theater and performed an original Taiwanese opera "Shan Bo Ying Tai" and the audiences applauded their performance. Form 2001 to 2009 the group was awarded as the most outstanding performing arts group in Yilan. In 2009 the Yilan government awarded them as "Intangible Cultural Heritage" and another award the "Important Traditional Art for Individuals and Group" was awarded to them by the Ministry of Culture on its first and second season.

The Hanyang is the only professional Beiguan group in Taiwan. They perform Beiguan during the day and Taiwanese opera at night. Currently, Chen Yu Huan, is the head of the Hanyang. She is dedicated to promote, preserve, and educate people about this valuable traditional art. Her vision is to be able to pass on this legacy to the youth so this valuable art may survive and in the future will still be very much alive.