TAIWAN Bamboo Flute Class In Yilan Community University


In Taiwan and China, bamboo flute is one of the most popular national wind instrument. The most prominent feature is, the bamboo flute has a membrane hole between the blowing and finger holes. This membrane makes the flute sound become colorful and rich. Whether it is in the interpretation of traditional music or modern popular music the total can easily attracted to the listener's ears.

Members of the bamboo flute classes from a variety of different life background, housewives, students in school, office workers and senior citizens enjoying retirement, etc., although not a member in order to pursue a professional playing for practice target, but we are, with one pair bamboo flute music interest and passion, playing the flute in the learning process, enjoying the melodious flute and beautiful.

"Sharing the joy is better than alone possesses," We very much hope to be able to learn the results and all the joy and the music-loving friends to share, and actively them into community life, and create a more humanistic artistic lifestyle.