CHINA Wang XIAO dong Symphony


Wang XIAO dong Symphony is made up of five members, three music professors and two Japanese music players. One is Wang XIAO dong who teaches traditional Chinese musical instrument "PIPA" in Tokyo Gakushuin University of the Arts professor. Another is Peng Xiu min who teach how to play "URFU" at Japanese Culture Center in Ikebukuro. The other is Feng Wei whose lectures are at the art college in Fujian China. Additionally, there are two members, one is a song's arranger as well as a guitar Sato Fujio and the other is a Djembe player Yoshita Yutaka.

Five members have staged joint performances either in China or in Japan twice per year since 2000. They mixed the east and the west instruments together making a symphonic international music. Through different musical instrument ensemble methods, the integration of Chinese and European music characteristics, resonance of Chinese and Western music, and is attached to one of focused attention.