TAIWAN The Zheng Rhyme Orchestra


The Zheng Rhyme orchestra was founded in 2002, Its members are mainly coming from Yilan Community University and mostly are over 50 years of age. The members are professional in their own field. Some are office workers, housewives, retirees, and etc. Even though they are not a professional performing group, each member has been playing the zheng for six years or more and they have already been to so many performances.

Zheng is an ancient musical instrument with rich oriental philosophy. Thus, Liao Jhu Cen, the head of the group hopes that aside from playing the zither the students will also enhance higher spiritual level, make more friends and have fun through learning music. The Orchestra performs every year and actively participate in community and charitable performances so zheng music will be shared to the community. Their repertoires include "The Sky Is Dark", a lively and popular Taiwanese fold song and the Northeast Folk song "The Girl Who Takes The Mushroom".