TAIWAN Formosa Melody Plucked String Ensemble


With vigour and exceptional musicality, the talented young musicians of Formosa Melody Music Center is well known for their colorful tone and impressive musical performance.

Plucked string instruments are played with fingers or a plectrum. These instruments vary in form, sound quality, and playing technique, and each instrument is unique on its own. Plucked string instruments include guitar, lute, harp, mandolin, and Chinese instruments such as liuqin (Chinese mandolin), guzheng (plucked zither), ruan, and pipa (lute).

The Formosa Melody Plucked String Ensemble is an ensemble of Chinese plucked string instruments. The members possess great musicality, technical facility, and perceptive skill for ensemble playing. Committed to the exploration of wider repertoires and extensive sound, its members alongside are learning other plucked sting instruments like ukulele and guitar.

Under the instruction of Miss Wan-ting Lin, the ensemble was able to join music festivals that gained them more knowledge and experiences. They also made new friends and learned from other music culture as well. Last August 2016. they went to perform in the USA and its exceptional musical performance was applauded and was much appreciated. The group's remarkable performances did not only impress the public but also gave the Formosa Melody Music Center a well-deserved reputation.