Since the region of WADAIKO DAIGENGUMI is Otaku, and hope to spread the Japanese DAIKO culture out to the world, WADAIKO DAIGENGUMI started in 2000. Its goal is set on being a professional Japanese drum team in various domestic and international stages. Five years ago, their 10th anniversary concert was held at the Shinjuku Kinokuniya Hall and their performance earned a high reputation. In 2010 DAIGENGUMI performed at Seven Samurai of Yamamoto Hiroshi Super Show at Ariake Coliseum. The members also attended many TV commences, theater performances and live sessions etc.

GAIGENGUMI has been trying to show the young how charming the Japanese Drum was and has set up Japanese Music Academy in 2003. It offers various Japanese music courses and sends teachers to various educational institutions. In 2006, Founder Yuzawa started to coach juniors from high schools, named Japanese Music Academy DAIGENGUMI Junior Team. DAIGENGUMI JUNIOR has won many prizes. They won the first prize in Tokyo International Japanese Drum Competition and Fuji Daiko Solo Contest in 2009. The members also won the best award for Solo Competition of Kumamoto in 2011, 2013, as well as Hokkaido Iwami Big Daiko Solo Contest in 2014.