Yilan International Art Festival

 Yilan City boasts culture and Yilan International art Festival (YIAF). The festival, the brainchild of Mayor Tsung-yuan Chiang was held for the first time in 2015 to build bridges of cooperation with the countries of the world and make Yilan’s dream of becoming an international cultural capital come true, all through an exchange of musical art.

  The festival meets participants at the airport and offers them a platform for cooperation and interaction with artistic groups and musicians from around the world. Participating groups got a chance not just to meet but also to get to know one another through exchange. They have subsequently taken the friendships they made to other corners of the world.

  The two missions of the festival are 1) to build bridges of world peace, 2) to bring the world to Taiwan and Taiwan to the world. In the service of these two missions, or core values, we hope that the festival can serve a platform of exchange for musicians and arts groups of different nationalities.

  The festival is planned and executed by the Formosa Melody Music Center, which invites contemporary musicians and administrative personnel to cooperate in the hopes of generating international energy for local musical groups, cultivating the professional artists, not to mention professional administrative teams, that Yilan needs for international events and sustainable development.

  The festival was founded in the hopes of integrating different cultures to advance understanding and tolerances through music and exchange and make a lasting contribution to world peace.

Positive artistic power looks toward the peaceful and prosperous future
Tsung-Yuan Chiang

  In the midst of the pandemic, an uneasy atmosphere is everywhere, and it impacts all walks of life. However, the creation of culture and art moves forward despite the most severe circumstances

  The creation of art is not only the foundation of a city’s cultural literacy; furthermore, it is an important way to strengthen the cultural cohesion, stabilize the society, and interact with international society. At this difficult time, the artists can bring everyone the brilliant heart-touching performance, and the spiritual power that transcends the reality.

  Initiated in 2015, the “Yilan International Art Festival” has not only connected many international friendships, but also accumulated ample artistic creations. The cross-border cooperation between Taiwanese operas and other countries around the world each year, and a grand music ensemble in the closing ceremony have all written a new page for Taiwan culture. Affected by the pandemic this year, it’s been even more important to manifest the positive artistic energy. In addition to continuing to open up diverse possibilities for Yilan’s important intangible cultural asset “Taiwanese opera”, we even created the oriental legend “Holy Emperor Guan” using the local religion as the theme this year, hoping to combine the power of religion and art to accompany everyone through the pandemic.

  In order to carry on the tradition of hosting global performances, of the International Art Festival, we invited the foreign artists who are currently in Taiwan and the local art troupes in Taiwan to join the festival together, and to partner with the “International Communication Hall” of the Yilan City Office to promote music workshops, hoping to take people to explore the world culture by music, and to let the music and art create a more fantastic and gorgeous life movement for everyone. Let’s look toward the peaceful and prosperous 2022 together.

Tsung-Yuan Chiang
Mayor of City Government of Yilan
Chairman of the Festival
Tsung-Yuan Chiang
Immerse in music to overcome the pandemic and to warm the world
Vincent Li

  The pandemic may isolate the world, but it does not extinguish people's ardent hearts. On the other hand, the pandemic has prompted us to reflect on the past, I believe that the hardships in life can create a brighter light. The "Yilan International Art Festival" (YIAF) joins hands with everyone to travel around the world with music, and with the theme of love and art warming every corner, let us overcome the chains of the pandemic with actions.

  Creativity is the most important element in the in the continuous growth of one's artistic life. With nearly a thousand musicians performing in Yilan International Art Festival in these past few years, amazing work was exhibited every single year. Nourishing creativity lets art closer and deeper into our live. This year I wrote a song regarding an oriental legend "Holy Emperor Guan", using art to depict the spirit of traditional loyalty and hope to combine folk beliefs. This therefore makes art dig deeper into life as it combines with hope in making culture bloom within our hearts and minds.

  Looking back on the establishment of the YIAF, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts of the Philippines assisted with the activities. In the past few years, the YIAF has been highly praised internationally. As we look forward to the future, we plan to expand the event to Europe next year. Let this Taiwan-sponsored international exchange platform exert greater influence, and let the world see Taiwan's profound cultural strength.

Festival Director
Vincent Li
Vincent Li