Kwerdas started out in 1999 as an "ad hoc" rondalla with the sole purpose of performing the Bachianas Brasilieras no.5 by Heitor Villalobos for one of the soprano students of Prof. Priscil。la Magdamo-Abraham. It was then composed of music students who believed in the rondalla's unlimited potential and diversity.

The group's repertoire is an amalgam of the past, present and future of Filipino rondalla music therefore breathing new life to a somewhat marginalized tradition. Kwerdas has done both local and international performances as guest artists or featured performers. Most notably Kwerdas participated in the Asian-Carribean Festival in Miami, Florida, The Silliman University Campus Choristers 1999 and 2001 USA Concert Series, Ating Pamana Inc. USA Concert Tour and were mainstays for the 1st and 2nd International Rondalla and Pluck String Festival organized by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

From those humble beginnings, Kwerdas has emerged to be one of the most creative and entertaining rondalla ensembles in the country today. The members have since finished their music studies in Silliman University and have gone on to pursue different paths as professional musicians but still find time to meet once in a while for performances keeping the tradition alive.