The project of the band "Il Mito" aims to spread the Italian culture and the Italian way of life by using the versatile medium of music, a medium of unquestionable ability of frankness, sincerity and ability to get straight to the heart, without the need for additional intermediaries. It arises from the knowledge and friendship between musicians living in Taiwan for several years and who are facing a similar path of life, cultivating their "Italianness" within a country with a profoundly different culture. Italy therefore as a myth, as a story to tell in music, but also through images ... the Italy of the big brands, luxury cars, expensive and tasteful clothing, but also the Italy of the people, of the good cuisine, the Mediterranean country par excellence, the Italy of artists, thinkers, philosophers and writers, one of the safest lighthouses of the so-called western culture, a starting and landing point at the same time, a country of infinite human resources and a treasure chest in the open air of priceless artistic and cultural treasures.