TAIWAN Wu-Shi-Lan Philharmony Choir

Yilan County Wu-Shi-Lan Philharmony Choir was founded in 2012, by their music inspector general Ms. Chen Ruey-Jiuan. During the past five years, they have been proactively participating in various coral competitions and performances, winning popular, critical, and international acclaim, both at home and abroad. They have been not only recognized as an important elite choir in Taiwan, but also chosen and named as an outstanding artistic troupe by Yilan County Government.

Ever since its foundation, Yilan County Wu-Shi-Lan Philharmony Choir has been instructed by or has cooperated with several famous conductors, such as Ms. Liu Jing-Yu, Ms. Lien Fan-Bei, Mr. Huang Yu-Feng, and Miss Irene Messoloras Dolce. Under the guidance of the current conductor, Mr. Gau Dwan-He, their beautiful voice and improving performance have won further appreciation from choral music fans.

Striving to become a troupe with both local features and global views, Wu-Shi-Lan Philharmony Choir is making preparations for two important performances as well as international choral activities for next year. They plan to develop a theme on Yilan, and introduce Yilan to the world through choral music.