TAIWAN Pei-Cheng Elementary School Orchestra

The Orchestra of Pei-Cheng Music Artists Class was established in 1986. The musicians are mainly in the fifth and sixth grades of the music class, with the fourth grade as a supplement.

Under the active leadership of previous principals and directors, the serious teaching of teachers, the hard work of students, and the enthusiastic participation of parents, the results are outstanding!

In terms of competitions, whether it is participating in Yilan County or the National Student Music Competition, they have repeatedly achieved good results.

In addition to participating in on-campus performance activities, the Pei-Cheng Music Artists Class Orchestra also actively participates in community and off-campus art performances. In addition to giving children more performance experience, it also hopes to spread the seeds of music to every corner of society. !

This time we are very honored to participate in the performance of the Yilan International Art Festival. We hope that through the performance, the orchestra will use music to connect with the international standards and enhance the international vision of the members!