TAIWAN Xinxan & Liming Chinese Orchestra

The Xinsan Chinese Orchestra was established in 1992. It was founded by a group of music-loving community of people, borrowing vacant rooms from the Xinsan Elementary School to conduct their rehearsals during weekdays. The group upholds to promote music in life so their music will be planted in the community just like sowing seeds and watering them to grow and bear fruit; the group's vision is to plant seeds of hope through their music as their offering to the society and for it's people to enjoy.

Every year the orchestra actively participates and performs in various activities. They also perform to educate the audiences, orphanages and nursing homes. In addition to the promotion of their music, the group also aims to uplift spirits, by showing love and care for the disadvantaged people through their music. The joy the audiences give them inspires the group to strive more to creating beautiful music.

In July 2014 they were invited by the Japanese Overseas Chinese organizations and went to Yokohama Chinese School to give a concert. In July 2016, they went to Gyeongju, Korea for a concert entitled "The Beautiful Melody of Yilan". The orchestra's main goal is to promote Taiwanese Traditional music, uphold the arts and culture in Yilan, and for friends around the world to enjoy the music Taiwan has to offer.

The Li-Ming Adult Orchestra was established in December 10, 1995 by a group of friends who love music. The members include staff, teachers and retirees from the Liming Elementary School, and members from the community.

The group aims for the school and the community to have recreational activities, to learn together, have fun and to develop understanding and genuine friendship through music and the arts. Moreover, the traditional music, nurtured through exchanges, can help enrich our lives and culture.